Expectant mothers go through a lot of hormonal, emotional and physical changes in a short period of time. Prenatal yoga offers women a lot of physical and mental benefits while helping them embrace all the changes they are experiencing.

Some of the benefits that prenatal yoga offers are:

• Well-being
• Helps you get in shape
• Gives you energy
• Fights pregnancy-related discomforts
• Helps you control your breathing
• Improves your mood
• Flexibility
• Helps you connect with your baby
• Lowers your stress
• Improves your digestive system
• Improves your sleep
• Strengthens the muscles for delivery

It’s better if you do yoga with other expecting moms, as this way you may feel supported and motivated. Besides, if you’re new to yoga it’s recommended to start slowly and with a teacher’s help. Pause and change positions if you ever feel any discomfort. It’s better to avoid positions in which you arch your back too much or need a lot of balance.

Remember, exercising regularly will help you a lot! However, you must be careful to not overwork yourself, especially now that you’re pregnant.