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Benefits of wooden toys

child playing with wooden toys

Key points:

  1. Play is an excellent way for children to learn, and wooden toys are a great option for open-ended, creative and free play.
  2. The annual TIMPANI study has consistently found that basic, open-ended toys like wooden toys tend to be more beneficial for children’s learning than elaborate and commercial toys.
  3. Simple wooden toys provide opportunities for children to make choices, solve problems, foster independence and self-esteem, and experiment with different textures, contributing to their sensorial perception skills.
  4. Wooden toys can be more durable and environmentally friendly than other types of toys, making them a good choice for parents looking to make sustainable choices for their children.

Play is an excellent way in which your little one can learn. We recommend all types of play! They can get involved in some free or pretend play. They might not even need any objects to play with and let their imagination take the wheel! However, at times, we find that play requires toys. Why? Because depending on its characteristics, your little one has a different experience with each toy. Today we want to talk to you about wooden toys.

Every year, The Center for Early Childhood Education at Eastern Connecticut State University releases the results of the TIMPANI (Toy to Inspire Mindful Play and Nurture Imagination) study, led by Professor Trawick-Smith. Each year they name a “best toy” based on three categories: thinking and learning, cooperation and social interaction, and self-expression and imagination.


Over the years, they have been concluding that basic, open-ended toys tend to be more beneficial for children’s learning than some of the more elaborate and commercial toys. They mention that a great example of this type of toys are the wooden ones. They give way to more creative and free play.

Let us show you the benefits!

  • Simple wooden toys give your little one a chance to make choices. For example, if they have a wooden cash machine that doesn’t make sounds or has extra mechanisms, They’ll be able to perform pretend play as the supermarket lady and choose their payment methods themselves.
  • You will also give them a chance to solve problems. By providing your little one with basic toys, they will have to figure out themselves how to react in certain situations. For example, if they decide to take cash payments on their cashier machine, they will have to look for their make-believe bills.
  • While they are solving these problems and making decisions, they will also be fostering their independence and self-esteem, since they will be calling all the shots without the help of sophisticated tools.
  • Wooden toys can also be a great chance for your little one to experiment with different textures. They can be smooth, hard, etc., which contributes to their sensorial perception skills.

Going back to basics can be a great way to impact your little one’s development. Besides, wooden toys can be more durable and environmentally friendly!

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