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It’s crazy to think that years ago women were told to “toughen-up” their nipples by rubbing towels over them during their pregnancy. It’s even crazier to think some women did. All jokes aside, breastfeeding is definitely a challenge, one that should not be taken lightly. While research has concluded that rubbing towels is actually counter-productive, there are other healthier ways you can prep your mind and body for breastfeeding.

Your pregnant body is preparing itself for when your little one arrives. That’s one of the main reasons why your breasts get bigger during pregnancy, your milk ducts and milk-producing cells are developing which means a lot more blood is flowing to your breasts than before.

Now that you know mother nature is helping you prep for breastfeeding, there are a few products you can use to make everything a little easier:

• Nursing bra: These are comfortable bras, fit for your larger breasts that have a flap which you can easily open to feed your baby without hassles.

• Nursing pillows: These pillows are designed to give you support while nursing and avoid getting too tired during the feeding sessions. It’s usually no biggie when your baby is a newborn, but as they grow, you’re going to want the extra help.

• Breast pump: Besides helping you store some extra milk to have at hand, a breast pump can be a huge relief and help avoid breast engorgement (milk piled-up can be quite painful).

Here at Kinedu we want you to be as ready as you can be for when D-Day arrives. So be sure to research beforehand about nursing, read tips, talk to family and friends, or you could even sign up for a breastfeeding class. Remember knowledge is power, and we’re confident you’ll get the hang of it in no time!


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