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How to change my baby when we’re out and about

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Isn’t it great to go on outings with your little one and visit parks, restaurants, shops, or other public places? The only minor drawback is the inevitable diaper change, and where to do it. Learn how to change your baby and keep having fun with them! 

Where can I change my baby?

When you’re out with your little one, it’s a good idea to locate the restrooms around you, in case there’s a need for a diaper change. If there’s a family bathroom where you are, you’re in luck! These spaces are private, so you can have all the room you need for yourself and your little one. If there is only a regular bathroom, check to see if there is a changing table that meets your standards of hygiene.


What do I need to have in my diaper bag to change my baby on an outing?

  • Plastic bags for clothes and dirty diapers
  • Wet wipes
  • Clean diapers
  • Cloth or plastic changer, preferably cushioned
  • Single-use protective sheet
  • Antibacterial gel for your hands
  • A distracting toy
  • Change of clothes

What do I do if there is no changing table in the bathroom?

Most public toilets are equipped with baby changing tables, but unfortunately, that is not the case in some places. Or there might be a table, but its hygienic conditions are not acceptable. If you come across any of these situations, we suggest trying the following options:

  • Search for another bathroom with an appropriate changer.
  • If there is no other changer, you can place a plastic or disposable changer on the changing table or on any area suitable to change your little one like:
    • Your stroller
    • A bench
    • Your lap
    • The trunk of your car, if the surface is wide and flat

Finally, remember that it’s important to make the process comfortable for your child. Be gentle with them while you are changing their diaper; you can talk or sing in a gentle voice to make it easier for them. Try to place a cushioned cloth or little mattress changer under them to not feel the hard surface. Remember to distract them with a toy, play, or tickle them to make this moment pleasant and fun for both of you.

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