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Christmas traditions: In with the old, and in with the new!

Mom and child with Christmas tree

What do you most remember from your childhood? Many people point to the traditions they had with parents, friends, or others as some of the best – and most memorable – times of their lives. Christmas and the holiday season is a particularly tradition-laden time of year. We took this opportunity to ask the Kinedu team to share the Christmas traditions they cherish the most. Hopefully these ideas will serve as fodder for starting or renewing your own holiday traditions!

When I was young, my family and I would place the sheep from the Nativity scene close to the Christmas tree. If my siblings and I were well-behaved, we would get the chance to move the sheep closer to the tree. If not, we couldn’t move it any closer. At the end of the day, we would always discuss what we did that day, and whether the sheep should move or not. Mine always made it to the tree by Christmas!

In my family, we would always try to get the person receiving a gift to guess what it was before opening it. We used riddles to try to get them to guess! Another of the traditions that I’m fond of is celebrating December 25th with my family, and the 24th with friends and friend’s families. We would always be able to make the other parties we were invited to!

One of the most meaningful traditions for me is get together with my family at my grandmother’s house. We sing Christmas carols, pray, and remember the true meaning of Christmas: the birth of Jesus here on Earth. Every year, we also share things we’re thankful for, then my cousins and I put on a talent show – usually meant to be funny. At the end of the night, we start a bonfire in my grandmother’s patio in order to make some smores, and we go out to light some fireworks!

Every year, we get together for Christmas dinner with my parents, siblings, cousins, and aunts and uncles. At the dinner, we sing Christmas carols, and do the traditional Mexican ‘posada’. We ALWAYS have turkey for dinner as well!

Before Christmas dinner, we go around the table and have each member of the family share something that they’re thankful for. I love this tradition because it makes you realize how grateful we should be for everything around us!
-Ana Sofía

One of my December highlights is having my nieces over for cookie baking. After we finish baking and decorating, we usually drive around and try to find a family in need to give them to.

Our family gets together at the end of November every year to make hot chocolate, listen to Disney Christmas tunes, and decorate the Christmas tree. We all help out! My mom and dad take care of putting the lights on the tree, my siblings and I are in charge of decorations. Our favorite decorations had Disney characters on them! After we finished decorating, we would always write our letters to Santa!

After giving each other our Christmas presents, we always give out hilarious gag gifts. I’ve gotten a CD full of my least favorite music, grandma socks, and even a bag of coal! Can’t wait to see what I come up with this year!

I usually spend Christmas with my mom’s side of the family. Before having lunch, my grandmother invites/forces me and all of my cousins to pray the full rosary, sing Christmas carols, and do the traditional Mexican “Posada”. One of my uncles is constantly out of tune, my cousin is an extremely loud singer because he thinks he’s actually good, and a couple of us are trying to get a chorus going in order to make up for the rest of the family. I love my crazy family!

Diego tells us a bit about the traditions he’s trying to start with his wife.


My wife and I are spending our first Christmas together. So far, we’ve made shortbread, had a Christmas movie marathon, and decorated the tree. We’ve also made plenty of Christmas cookies for both sharing and eating while we watch those Christmas movies.

All traditions start somewhere – so it’s never to late to start your own. Even though it takes some effort and planning to get new traditions going, momentum will help carry them on later. It’s also a fantastic way of getting your kids to feel like they’re part of something bigger. You’ll also ensure some quality family time every year during the otherwise hectic holiday season!

Happy tradition planning from the Kinedu team!



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