With your little one on her the way, the nerves may start to build up both for you and your partner. One little fight disagreement can become a huge fightdeal in the blink of an eye with when using the wrong communication skills. There are simple things you can do as a couple that’ll to fortify your relationship and equip you with the tools and resources that can help you deal with any disagreements you may have, not just now, but when after your baby finally arrivesis born.

There are common “listening blocks” we sometimes use when have in an argument or a conversation. These listening blocks ultimately hinder our ability to fully listen and comprehend what the other person is saying and feeling. Try and reflect if you use any of the following and exactly how often you do:
1. Mind-reading. You already “know” what the other person is thinking and referring to before he/shethey can even finish a sentence.
2. Daydreaming. Your mind tends to wander to other tasks while the other person is talking to you.
3. Rehearsing. In your mind, you’re already thinking about the response to what he/she isthey are saying without letting him/herthem finish.
4. Filtering. Selective listening, you only hear what you want to hear, blocking the things that make you uncomfortable or that you just don’t want to listen to.
5. Advising. You don’t let the other person finish expressing his/hertheir point of view, you interrupt with recommendations or possible solutions. However good hearted it is, you should first let the personthem finish what he/shethey wants to communicate first.
6. Judging. Analyzing, critiquing criticizing and contesting the other’s point of view (remember body language counts as well!)
7. CondescendingBeing condescending. Making the other’s point of view seem less important/valuable/true than yours.

It’s common to get distracted during a a little lost in conversation or to feel like you have to get your point of view through when talking to your partner. The important thing is that, slowly but surely, you become aware of your communication skills and traps. Something as ; an easy thing such as letting the other person finish his/hertheir train of thought can have a huge effect on the way you deal with the daily struggles of being pregnant and dealing with your newborn baby.