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Cycling in your pregnancy

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It’s common for women who love exercise to instantly find out information about workouts and their effects on their pregnancy. With cycling being such a popular sport, we decided to find out a little bit more about its benefits and potential risks to pregnant women everywhere.

First things first, you must be aware that your energy levels are very different when you’re pregnant. During your first trimester, all the energy and hard work your body is doing is going towards creating the placenta so try to avoid long or hard training sessions (even more so in the evening). Cycling during your second and third trimester will be easier but you should check with your doctor if you have any doubts!

During your pregnancy, as your belly continues to grow, you may want to switch from your road bike to a stationary bike, which causes less stress on your body and helps you avoid any balance-related falls.

Below are a few tips for all you bike-lovers out there:

• If you’re thinking of buying a bike, when choosing one, make the comfort of the seat a priority, you’ll be grateful for that as your pregnancy progresses.
• If you’re in a studio, choose a bike that’s near a fan or a window.
• If you have any lower back pain, a recumbent bike (common in most gyms) is a great alternative.
• Keep a heart monitor handy.  The same bike can have it or you may want to invest in one of your own.
• Stay hydrated at all times.
• As your belly becomes bigger, you can raise the handlebars so you’re sitting more upright and more comfortably.
• If you feel your balance is deeply affected by your pregnancy, don’t risk it and stay off the bike. A fall won’t do you or your baby any good.
• If you’re straining yourself and feel constantly wiped-out, stop the exercise or definitely lower its intensity.

Pregnancy is a time to enjoy and have fun. As long as you’re being safe and have no complications during your check-ups, there’s no reason to interrupt your workouts and active lifestyle.


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