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How can we best divide caretaking duties and housework?

a couple complaining about cleaning the house

A new adventure is approaching, and with it, a bunch of tasks for everyone! But don’t worry, we have some tips for you to survive and strengthen your relationship in this exciting stage of life!

The secret to avoiding domestic wars is simple: divide the tasks. Set priorities and talk about what’s important for each of you. Who enjoys cooking more, and who is better with household chores? Make a fair deal and you’re all set!

Hate that evil pile of dirty dishes? Consider your schedules and preferences. And if you both hate doing something in particular, take turns, or face the challenge together and find a way to make it fun!


Remember, you are a team with different skills and tastes. So find the formula that works for both of you. And don’t worry if the list changes, it’s all about adapting!

The key to facing challenges is communication, so take some time to sit down and talk about how you’ll handle the show when your little one arrives. Remember that the list is just a plan, but you can always change the script if needed!

Most importantly, work together and discover what works best for your team. Your baby’s arrival will be a new adventure, and together, you’ll face it with all the strength and love you have.

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