If your baby is starting to walk, or shows signs that he is about to take his first steps, you might be wondering if he needs special shoes. During this stage, your little one doesn’t need to wear shoes. Now, of course you can choose to put on shoes so that he looks cute, to keep his feet warm, or to protect them from rough or dangerous surfaces. But shoes are not necessary to learn to walk or to strengthen his feet.

When children learn to walk indoors on a flat, safe surfaces, they don’t need shoes; in fact, it is beneficial for your baby to learn to walk barefoot. Walking this way, helps him strengthen his muscles and lets him move his toes freely. Although it might seem that he doesn’t have enough support or that his feet are flat, this is completely normal for his age. In the end, wearing shoes won’t help your baby walk better.

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What if he can’t be barefoot?

If you live in a cold environment and you want to protect your child from cold surfaces, buy shoes which meet with the following requirements:

  • Have no cushioned insole.
  • Have a wide, round end that leaves enough space for his toes to to move.
  • The inner lining has no seams and allows perspiration.
  • They have flexible, non-slip soles.
  • They embrace the foot but not too tightly.