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Empathy: the new golden rule

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How many of us are truly and sincerely empathetic? Sure, we’ve heard what it means at least a dozen times, “put yourself in the other one’s shoes, view the world from a different perspective, understand the other’s feelings…” But how many of us have actually cultivated this habit or capacity for compassion by continuously being genuinely concerned for another human being?

Being empathetic includes you, as well as others. It’s hard work. It can do wonders for your relationship now that your little one is on the way. You’ll need now, more than ever, to be able to tune into what your partner is going through. By doing so you’ll be able to work out any hassles and obstacles that may show up and come out on the winning side.

The tricky thing about being empathetic is that it can easily be confused for condescension. Your partner needs you to step up your game during this time and be genuinely concerned about their wellbeing and happiness, not feel sorry, and really understand how hard it is to change diapers. See the difference? The second tricky part of being empathetic is that, like everything in life, you must work at it, and work at it, and work at it again.

Not to worry! Kinedu is here with a few easy steps you can do each day to cultivate your empathetic skills, so that when they’re finally put to the test (D-Day), you’ll pass it with flying colors!

1. Actively listen to whoever speaks at you (fully concentrated on the task at hand, don’t let your mind wander).

2. Come up with one positive quality you appreciate in every person you interact with (even a nasty co-worker).

3. Every night of the week, come up with at least one thing you appreciate about yourself and learn to become aware of your value and the impact you have on your family, friends, workplace and even the world.

At the end of the day, empathy is a skill that, like any other, needs to be practiced every day in order to reap what you sow. It goes without saying that strengthening the bond with your partner will create a better environment for your baby when they finally arrive. Look for opportunities to grow each day!


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