Most babies get in position for delivery a few weeks before birth. However, there are some babies who don’t position themselves, this is why in some specific cases a cesarean delivery may be necessary.

If your baby is in an upside down position, but {he/she} is facing to the other side, you may need a vaginal delivery, which could make your baby’s birth a bit harder and longer. However, some babies still move to the ideal position during delivery.

Can I do anything to help my baby get in position?

There are some exercises that you could do to help your baby set up easier. It’s not for sure, but doing these exercises will increase the possibilities.

Up next, a list of some exercises to help your baby get in position:

• When sitting down, use a pillow or a cushion so your bum is higher than your knees
• Get on your knees on the floor and slowly lower your chest down so your hips are at their highest point for around 10 or 15 minutes
• Every once in a while sit on a big exercising ball and do some front tilts

Remember that keeping your bum and hips higher than your knees will help your baby slide and settle easier. Make sure to move regularly so you don’t stay in the same position for too long.

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