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Should I take it easy with exercise?

pregnant woman preparing for pilates

Constant and moderate exercise during pregnancy is highly beneficial for your body and your baby’s development, and it can become a healthy habit that you can maintain even after pregnancy. Physical activity has many advantages, including making you feel better and alleviating pregnancy discomforts.

Remember that exercise, like any other good habit, is not about quantity but quality. Don’t overdo it! Moderation is key to achieving good results. Excessive or improper exercise can be counterproductive and potentially harmful to both you and your baby. If any exercise causes nausea or dizziness, stop immediately. This may occur due to the compression of a vein or artery caused by the weight and position of your baby, which is more common in the last trimester of pregnancy.


There are several reasons why you should not push yourself too hard with exercise. Considering that the recovery time for a pregnant woman is longer than usual, it’s important to avoid fatigue. When you feel fatigued from excessive exercise, lactic acid (a substance produced by the muscles during exertion) can accumulate and potentially harm your baby. Moreover, excessive exercise is never beneficial for a pregnant woman as it can lead to dizziness, aches, falls, dehydration, and harm to your baby. However, moderate exercise is essential for your health and that of your baby, so it is recommended to engage in short and safe exercise routines.

During the last trimester, your baby will grow rapidly, reaching the ideal weight and size for their arrival into the world. Don’t miss out on enjoying all the benefits of exercise, just remember not to overexert yourself!

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