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Exercise: Take it easy

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Constant and moderate exercising during pregnancy is very beneficial for your body and your baby’s development. When you engage in physical work, you obtain a lot of benefits such as, increased energy and ease in any discomfort you might feel. So put on your gym clothes and enjoy!

Remember that exercise, along with any other good habit, isn’t defined by quantity; it’s defined by the quality of what you’re doing. Don’t overwork yourself! Moderation is key for getting good results. Doing too much exercise or doing it wrong could be counterproductive and may harm you and your baby. There are also some workouts that could make you dizzy or nauseous if this happens you must stop immediately. This could be due to pressure on a major vein or artery, due to the weight and position your baby (more common during the last trimester).

Some of the reasons you shouldn’t outwork yourself during exercise are the following: considering that recovery time tends to be longer for pregnant women you must avoid fatigue. When you feel fatigue due to exercising, lactic acid (a substance your muscles produce when they require effort) could accumulate and take a toll on your baby. Besides, exercising too much is never ideal for a pregnant woman, since it could result in dizziness, pain, accidents, and dehydration. However, moderate exercise is highly recommended for your health and your baby’s, so be sure to practice safe exercising.

Your baby grows faster during the third trimester, as {he/she} is reaching the ideal weight for birth. Keep enjoying the benefits exercise gives you, but remember not to overexert yourself!


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