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Exercising: Quantity vs Quality

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Pregnancy is a period filled with new sensations and experiences since your body is in constant change. This new transition could be hard on you, so help your body adapt! Exercise is a great way to take care of your body and prepare it for delivery. It’s not only a key habit for your physical benefit and your health, but it also helps you relax and prepare your muscles for the extra weight you’ll be carrying.

We know that finding time to exercise can be hard sometimes, but don’t worry! The important part about exercise is its quality. Exercise during pregnancy shouldn’t take long and shouldn’t be repetitive. You could try some fast and simple exercises throughout the day, ideally when you have 10 spare minutes, either when you wake up or before you go to sleep.

Exercising has many benefits. For example, doing a couple of 5-minute routines a day could help you stimulate blood circulation, improve your mood, correct your posture, prepare your body for delivery and tone your muscles.

Exercising is all about consistency, so try to do at least two or three activities per day. View it as a time for yourself, to relax and release the tension that could be built up in your mind and body. Take at least 10 minutes to exercise and relax! Remember that quality is more important than quantity.


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