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Want to know about baby feeding? Check out, in this category, articles on breastfeeding, bottle feeding, food introduction, among other topics.

Want to know about baby feeding? Check out, in this category, articles on breastfeeding, bottle feeding, food introduction, among other topics.

older baby drinking water

Can babies drink water?

Key points: Babies do not need to drink water before they are six months old as breast milk or formula contains all the…

crying baby rejecting bottle

How to help your baby take a bottle

Key points: It is common for babies to struggle with accepting the bottle, but different strategies can help make the transition smoother. Tips…

mom feeding her baby carrot purée

Baby food recipes: 6 to 12 months

Food is so much more than nutrition. Eating and sharing meals include a whole range of physical, social, and emotional connections. It’s never…

two siblings drinking fruit juice
Health Guide

When can babies have juice?

Key points: The American Academy of Pediatrics has updated its recommendations on fruit juice consumption, advising that babies under 12 months old should…

little boy refusing to eat his food
Solid Foods

Help, my baby is a picky eater!

Key Points: The article addresses common causes of picky eating in children over 12 months old, including a decrease in growth rate, desire…

storing and freezing breast milk

Does frozen breast milk taste different

Key Points: 1. Managing Thawed Milk Taste: Thawed breast milk might have a changed taste due to lipase enzyme. Some babies accept it,…

weaning baby

How to wean from breastfeeding

Key Points: The article explains the meaning of weaning and the reasons for starting the process. It provides tips for starting the weaning…

breast milk pump and mother and baby in the background

How to express breast milk

Key Points: The article discusses the benefits of expressing breast milk, including reducing and preventing engorgement and allowing for storage for times when…

mom feeding her baby with formula

How to prepare your baby’s bottle

Key Points: The article explains the different types of formula available on the market, including powder and concentrate, and emphasizes the importance of…

mom breastfeeding her baby

How to increase your milk production

Key Points: The article provides tips for stimulating milk production in breastfeeding mothers and highlights the importance of skin-to-skin contact, adequate positioning, relaxation…

mom breastfeeding her baby

Tips for successful breastfeeding

Key Points: Breastfeeding requires patience and practice, and it is recommended to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible during the process. Different…

mom breastfeeding her baby

What are the benefits of breast milk?

Key points: Ideal Nutrition for Babies: Breast milk provides essential nutrients, strengthens organs, and protects against diseases and infections, supporting optimal brain development….

mom breastfeeding her baby

Should I extend breastfeeding?

Key points: Breast milk provides energy, vitamins, and antibodies that strengthen a child’s immune system, and breastfeeding can provide comfort and security. Deciding…

mom holding crying newborn

How to deal with breast pain?

Key points: Breastfeeding Learning Curve: Breastfeeding is a new experience that requires practice, technique, and patience. Initial discomfort is normal but improves over…

storing frozen breast milk

How to thaw frozen breast milk?

Key points: Breast milk can be stored in the freezer and thawed using different methods, such as in the refrigerator, warm water, or…

baby playing with their feet

Does my baby need vitamin supplements?

Key Points: Vitamin D Supplementation: Breast milk provides most nutrients, except vitamin D. Give 400 IU of vitamin D daily to your baby,…