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older baby drinking water

Should my baby drink water?

You’ve probably wondered if your baby gets thirsty or if they need to drink water. The answer to these questions

baby girl drinking from a sippy cup

Making the switch

Why is it a big deal to let go of the bottle and finally welcome the cup? Just like with

two siblings drinking fruit juice

Fruit juice: New guidelines

Fruit juice is a popular drink among kids, and parents love them since they provide hydration and fruit servings (especially for

breast milk pump and mother and baby in the background

Expressing breast milk

One of the benefits of breastfeeding is that you can express it, and still produce more! In most cases when

mom feeding her baby with formula

Preparing my baby’s bottle

There are different types of formula presentations on the market. Amongst all of the choices, you can buy formula in

mom breastfeeding her baby

Boosting my milk production

All through pregnancy, your body has prepared itself for the moment you begin breastfeeding. As soon as your baby is

mom breastfeeding her baby

Tips for successful breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a learning process that requires patience and practice. Experts recommend you try to be as relaxed and comfortable

chicken kebab with cherry tomatoes

My diet while I am breastfeeding

During breastfeeding, it’s important to take care of our diet and eat a variety of nutritious foods. However, is following

mom holding crying newborn

What to do when breast pain occurs?

Breastfeeding for the first time is something entirely new! It’s an experience that takes practice and requires technique, patience, and

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