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How To Choose a Bottle For Your Baby

how to choose a bottle for your baby

There are so many different bottle systems out there! It can be overwhelming to choose one for your baby, especially with so many marketing messages out there that can easily add to the confusion. Here are a few things to consider. Keep reading to learn how to choose a bottle system for your baby. 

How to choose a bottle that fits my baby’s needs?

  • Base shape: In general, bottle bases come in two shapes: a wide base and a standard base. If your baby is also breastfeeding, we’d recommend a wide base bottle system to help your baby transition easily between breast and bottle feeding.
  • Nipple shape: Nipple shapes can be round, flat, or “orthopedic”. Your baby may have a preference for a particular shape. In general, we’d recommend a round nipple shape to promote a strong sucking pattern, but if your baby prefers a different shape and is doing well with feeding and weight gain, that’s great too!
  • Nipple flow rate: In general, it’s best to start with a slow flow nipple. But be careful! Every brand’s version of “slow flow” is a bit different –some brands are much faster than others. And don’t worry about marketing information that tells you to move to a faster nipple at a certain age. 
  • Bottle material: Most bottles are plastic and many are BPA-free. But if this topic is important for you and your family, other systems are available in glass or silicone.
  • Bottle features: Some of the most common features are different venting systems, meant to remove excess air and help with gassiness. For some babies, these systems work great! For others, they are just extra pieces to wash for you. Other bottle systems allow for breastmilk bags to be added directly to the bottle for convenience if your baby is drinking expressed breast milk from the bottle.

When selecting a bottle system, the most important thing is to make sure it fits your and your baby’s needs. If you have any questions regarding how to choose a bottle for your baby, reach out to our experts through our app and they will happily help you!


Kristen is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Certified Lactation Counselor with years of experience specializing in breastfeeding, bottle feeding, transitioning to solids, and picky eating. She supports families with issues ranging from common feeding problems to complex medical feeding concerns.

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