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Fighting indigestion

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Your body goes through a wide range of changes during pregnancy, including hormonal fluctuation. This causes your body and digestive system to relax, which is why indigestion is so common during pregnancy, accompanied by abdominal distention, reflux, and heartburn.

The further you are in your pregnancy, the bigger the chance of suffering from indigestion. Symptoms tend to intensify during the third trimester. The following tips could help keep these pesky symptoms at bay.

As fake as it might seem, constipation does have a bright side. While it could be inconvenient, your baby takes this opportunity to get even more nutrients, since your digestive system becomes slower to process food. So, you could try some alternatives to feel better and manage the symptoms.

1. Avoid caloric food and overeating. Be mindful of your weight during the first trimester, since gaining too much of it could worsen your stomach ache as your belly grows
2. Try keeping your feet elevated, or taking a walk after eating instead of lying down right away. This will let your body work on your digestion
3. Wait for at least two hours after dinner before going to sleep, and make sure to eat a light dinner
4. Avoid carbonated drinks and food that is slow to process (like fried food and cake)


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