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First doctor’s appointment

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Once you suspect you are pregnant, you should attend to your gynecologist between weeks 6 and 9 for your first pregnancy control. An ultrasound will be done to confirm pregnancy, and you will get an approximate due date. You will also be asked about your clinical history to rule out any diseases and allergies, and so your doctor can gain all the necessary background information.

In this first prenatal visit you’ll get your arterial pressure checked, as well as your weight, and maybe get a blood and urine test. This test will inform your doctor your blood type, blood hemoglobin level, urinary tract health, amongst other important factors.

Even though your estimated delivery date can give you an idea of when will your baby be born, most babies are born before or after. This is why your date will only be approximate. It’s normal for babies to be born around week 38 to 42, or a few days around the estimated day.

Feeling a whole load of emotions and jitters is completely normal. Your first prenatal control visit is usually a big day; since it’s when you get assured that your baby is properly implanted in your uterus, and ready to grow and develop.


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