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What foods should I avoid when pregnant?

sausages and a beer

While it’s great to enjoy certain foods during pregnancy, there are some others that you should avoid to make sure your baby’s development is as healthy as possible. Paying attention to what you eat can make a huge difference in your little one’s development.

Here are some key questions you should ask yourself before eating, as part of our precautionary measures:

  • Were the foods I’m about to eat prepared with clean hands and utensils?
  • Are they thoroughly cooked?
  • Are they fresh?
  • Have they not exceeded their expiration date?
  • Do they have an excessive amount of caffeine?
  • Are they fish or seafood that could contain mercury?

Here’s a list of foods you MUST AVOID during pregnancy:

  • Fish and seafood high in mercury, raw or unpasteurized (such as swordfish and red tuna).
  • Deli meats: like sausages, salami, chorizo, serrano ham, and turkey.
  • Raw or undercooked red meat or chicken, like sausages, salami, chorizo, Serrano ham, and turkey.
  • Unpasteurized cheese or milk.
  • Raw eggs (whether in cake batter, mayonnaise, homemade sauces, meringue, or other desserts).
  • More than 200 mg of caffeine per day.
  • Alcohol (it’s best to avoid it completely).
  • Unpasteurized fruit juice.
  • Sprouts (yes, those little sprouts are full of potential, but they can pose risks).
  • Raw or smoked seafood.

Remember to consult your doctor if you have any doubts! We’re here to help you every step of this exciting journey. Enjoy your pregnancy and keep your baby healthy and happy!

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