Looking for fun ways to teach and encourage your little one to go potty? Here are a few fun activities that will help you teach your toddler to go potty in an exciting and new way!

My potty chart

potty chartHow does it work?

Create a chart of the week, like a calendar. Each time your toddler uses the potty successfully let him paste a sticker on the chart. At the end of the day his chart will (hopefully) be filled with stickers and he will see how successful he has been. This simple activity can help you reinforce good potty habits and will encourage your toddler to use the potty.

Some Tips!

Be creative when making your toddler’s chart, you can use some of his favorite TV or book characters to decorate it; remember that the idea is to get him engaged in the activity. You can even go together to the store to buy the stickers and the material to decorate the chart. Don’t forget to place it where your toddler can see it, so he is motivated to use the potty every time he sees it.

 It’s magic!

et_foodcoloring-250x200How does it work?

This activity is really helpful to teach boys how to go pee-pee. First dye the toilet water with red or blue food coloring. Then when your boy goes pee-pee he will see that the water changes to orange or green. This fun activity will motivate your boy to learn how to aim!

Some Tips!

When dying the toilet water, make sure you use colors that you know will change of color when your toddler uses the bathroom. Red and blue works perfectly!

The road to potty

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 11.33.57 AM How does it work?

Design a fun path that takes your toddler from his room to the potty or to the bathroom. Every time your little one feels like going, he will see the path and remember to go potty!

 Some Tips!

Creating a fun path is key! You can try putting footsteps so that he can follow them or decorating the path with his favorite TV or book characters. Try making the path out of bright colors so that at night he can also follow it.

Pimp my Potty!

potty decoradoHow does it work?

Personalize your toddler’s potty with fun stickers and glitter. This can be a fun activity before starting potty training. Since day one your toddler will love his potty and will be very exited to train!

Some Tips!

Personalization is key when decorating his potty! So try using his favorite things to decorate it like stickers from his favorite TV or book characters, colors, or you can even write his name on it.

Read All About It

 19650368_ad5e5c496eHow does it work?

Books can motivate your toddler to start potty training. So it’s good to read books like “Toilet Learning” by Alison Mack or “Once Upon a Potty” by Alona Frankel to help him understand the process. Using books can really make the process of potty training go much smoother, plus it’s more entertaining for him!

Some Tips!

Make a trip to the bookstore and have your little one pick out new books, but let him read the special potty books only when going to the bathroom. You can even make a little shelf in the bathroom for his special books!

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