Accomplishing head control is the foundation for many of your baby’s next milestones, like sitting up, rolling over, crawling, and eating solids. By 6 months your baby may have gained a little control over her muscles. She will accomplish most of these milestones probably by instinct, but we can give her a little boost while having fun together.

Here are some tips to foster her muscular development while enjoying your time together:

  • Pull her to a sitting position: When she is ready, try to find activities that will help her hold this position. You can place colorful and interesting toys in front of her and prevent her from laying down. If she needs to, you can hold your baby’s back or use pillows for support.
  • Pull her to a standing position: Hold your baby’s hands while she is lying down and say, “Are you ready to stand up? Here we go!”. Gently pull her to a standing position and hold her hands to help her keep her balance. If she is ready for it, you can also place safe furniture close to her so she can hold herself up while in a standing position.
  • Let her lose! Don’t keep her in a crib or on the bed. Give her room to explore on a safe surface of your choice. Maybe on a play mat on her room or whatever suits you best.
  • Exercise! A great part of muscle development consists of movement. You can play bouncing games on your lap, practice clapping, or do some sit-ups pulling her gently by the arms.

Every time you see her accomplish something new or repeat a recent skill, give her a round of applause. You will see how this is encouraging for her! She might start laughing, enjoy even more this new experience, and feel motivated to repeat each one of her new findings. Take advantage of these tips and have fun at home while making her stronger day after day.

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