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How much weight gain is normal during pregnancy?

pregnant woman and bathroom scale

Gaining weight during pregnancy is totally normal and necessary to take care of yourself and that little growing person. Don’t stress about what the scale says; focus on what’s important.

On average, women gain 11 to 15 kilograms during pregnancy, but it’s normal to gain a little more or less if you were overweight or underweight before getting pregnant. Either way, gaining some weight is crucial to provide all the nutrients your baby needs and to accumulate the necessary fat reserves for breastfeeding.

The key is to maintain a balanced diet full of healthy foods. Fruits, vegetables, complex carbs, and proteins are your allies. Get creative in the kitchen!


No extreme diets, this is not the time. Listen to your body, it knows what it needs. You can also treat yourself occasionally! It’s essential to gain weight reasonably, especially during the second and third trimesters when your baby grows the fastest. Those extra kilos will prevent your baby from being born prematurely or underweight and reduce the risk of complications during childbirth. However, it’s also crucial not to gain too much weight, as it can lead to gestational diabetes and high blood pressure.

There’s no magic formula for weight gain during pregnancy. Every body is different, and your doctor will guide you on the right path.

So, where do those extra kilos go? The baby, the breasts, the uterus… they all have their share! And the accumulated fat also has its own mission!

Remember, this journey is special and unique. Relax and enjoy every moment while taking care of yourself and that little one! You are incredible!

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