Until your baby is not up and moving around the whole house, a daily bath is not necessary. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends bathing your baby about 3 times a week during the first year of life, to prevent dry skin. Our little ones have very delicate skin that’s lubricated for their protection. However, around the world many cultures have the custom of daily bathing. Every parent knows how much his little one sweats or gets dirty, so it’s best to decide bathing schedules according to their instincts and their doctor’s recommendations. In some cases, pediatricians will suggest that you bathe your baby every day, especially if the weather is very humid or hot.

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Now, whether you decide to bathe your baby every day or not, you must always make sure to keep the diaper area clean after each change. Likewise, you must take extra care of the neck area and all body folds; these areas sweat, and dirt and lint accumulate in them. Pass a damp cotton cloth through his folds to ensure that you have a clean and happy baby!

Bath time is a pleasant and relaxing time for your baby; its purpose is not only hygienic. The bath is an excellent start to a bedtime routine! Try to make it a quiet time without concerns, it will help your baby eventually recognize that it is almost time to go to sleep. Just remember not to bathe your baby just before or after eating because, on one hand, a hungry baby is less likely to cooperate, and, on the other, the movement can cause reflux. Finally, a bath should be a time of relaxation and tenderness; don’t forget to give him a lot of love. It is very common for your baby to cry or show resistance to water the first few times, since it is something very new. Make sure you offer support, love, and a sense of security to make the process less upsetting.