How to dress and undress my baby?

Dressing and undressing your baby is a great moment to bond, interact and maybe even play a game of Peek-a-boo. It might seem a difficult task at first, but you’ll see that with time and practice you’ll be an expert clothes-changer.

First, make sure that your little one’s clothing is clean, comfortable, and suitable for his or her age. Prepare the change of clothes and place your little one on a flat, safe surface, like the changing table, bed or couch. Don’t forget to keep your eyes on him or her at all times.

How do I dress my baby?

1. Lay your baby on his or her back on a flat surface.

2. Take the garment you want to put on and scrunch it up from bottom to top, like an accordion. Lift your baby a bit and hold his or her head gently. Stretch the cloth from the neckline and gently pass it over your little one’s head, avoiding his or her sweet face.

3. Repeat the same accordion technique now for the sleeves. Start with one side, passing his or her hand through the opening and carefully putting your hand inside the sleeve, to help bring it down your child’s arm. Repeat this with the other arm.

4. Adjust the clothes on his or her body and fasten the buttons or clasps.

5. Repeat the same steps for every layer of clothing. If you put on pants, use the same accordion technique for each leg.

6. Finally, don’t forget his or her little socks.

How do I undress my baby?

1. Lay your baby on his or her back.

2. Take off his or her clothes one layer at a time so he or she doesn’t get cold.

3. If your little one wears pants, begin from there. Unbutton and gently slide them down.

4. Hold your little one’s head while you take off his or her shirt or onesie, one arm at a time.

5. Then, bring garment towards his or her neck, gently stretch it and pass your little one’s head through it, avoiding touching his or her face.

6. If you need to remove a romper, unzip or unbutton it and carefully lift your little one to gently slide the romper off, one arm and one leg at a time.

Remember that it takes several attempts to master this skill, but eventually you’ll learn the best way to dress and undress your baby and will identify how it’s easier for you and more comfortable for your little one.

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