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How to help your baby crawl

mom and dad helping baby to crawl on the bed

Key points:

  1. Not all babies learn to crawl in the traditional way or at the same age, but it is important that they figure out a way to explore and learn from their environment.
  2. Babies need to gain confidence before moving around the world on hands and knees, and learning to crawl requires coordination of arms and legs and gaining enough strength to support their weight.
  3. Parents can help stimulate their baby to crawl on hands and knees by ensuring they get enough tummy time during the day, encouraging them to reach for objects, ensuring there’s enough space to explore, and gently pushing them from behind to propel them forward.
  4. Each baby develops at their own pace, so parents shouldn’t worry if their child takes longer or learns to crawl in a non-traditional way.

We know how exciting it is to see your baby achieve a new developmental milestone. One of those moments is when your little one learns to crawl. However, not every baby learns how to do it in traditional way, and not everyone starts crawling at the same age.

For example, there are children that skip crawling all together, while others learn different ways to move or drag themselves. What’s important is that they figure out a way to explore and learn from their surroundings.


Sometimes, even if babies are able to be on all fours, they aren’t able to move forward just yet. It seems as if they want to start moving, but they can’t take that first big step. If that’s the case, your baby needs to gain more confidence before moving around the world on hands and knees. Maybe during the learning process you’ll see them get frustrated for not being able to move as they wish. Learning how to crawl is more difficult than we imagine: your baby needs to coordinate the movement of arms and legs, as well as gaining enough strength to support their own weight. That’s why it is so important to be patient during this stage and, above all, not worry if your little one is still not able to crawl or has difficulties doing it.

You can always help and stimulate your baby to crawl on hands and knees. Try these ideas on different surfaces, at different times of day, and show them bright and interesting toys to keep them entertained:

  • Make sure your little one gets enough tummy time during the day. This will help them develop the muscular strength needed to crawl.
  • Encourage them to reach for the objects that call their attention.
  • Make sure there’s enough space for them to explore.
  • Place your palms against the soles of their feet when they are on all fours and push them gently to propel them forward.

Remember not to put pressure on your baby, since they’ll crawl whenever they are ready. The ideal is to stimulate and support them when you see they’re trying to move. Each baby develops at their own pace, so don’t worry if your little one takes longer. One day they’ll surprise you!

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3 Responses

  1. Hi there,

    I was appreciating this article until the article said my baby “him” and “he”. Very disappointed that the language is gendered along the lines of patriarchy in information for new parents. The world has moved on.


    1. Hi L! Thank you for your comment. Normally we shift the pronouns from article to article 😀 Thank you for your feedback!

      1. It’s interesting the majority of articles related to baby development that I’ve read since having my son in August use “she” and “her” rather than “he” and “him”. I wondered at the lack of male pronouns until reading this comment from “L” above. There are still male babies in the world and it’s unfortunate you aren’t able to attempt equal representation without criticism. I appreciate that Kinedu makes the effort to be equally inclusive of both genders. Keep up the good work!

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