Babies have an innate desire to explore and move before they turn one year old. Usually, they move their arms and legs and, boy, do they move them! As your little one grows, you’ll be excited to finally see him walk, but before that he has to achieve other milestones to do so, like, crawling.

Typically, babies start crawling, then they stand up, and afterwards they learn how to walk. Even if your baby is still too young to crawl, he’ll reach other developmental milestones that will prepare him to crawl later on. Some of them are lifting the upper part of his body when lying down and using his legs to push himself, even if he can’t move forward yet.

But, what does your baby need to start crawling and explore the world? To master this skill, your little one first has to develop enough neck and head control. To help him, make sure that he spends enough time on his tummy. You can play with him on the floor while he is lying on his stomach. Try this in different places, times of day, and use objects to entertain him. You can also motivate him to move by placing his favorite toy in front of him so that he can reach it. Another way of helping your baby start crawling is putting him on all fours and pushing him from behind to propel him forward.

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Remember that each baby develops at their own pace and that some never crawl in a traditional way. What’s important is that your son moves to explore and learn from his surroundings. So don’t worry if he is not crawling yet or if he never does. This won’t affect his development, as long as you give him an adequate environment and a lot of opportunities to keep learning new skills.


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