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When should I switch my baby to a regular tub?

toddler taking a bubble bath

Key Points

  1. It’s common for babies to outgrow their baby bathtubs. Transitioning to a larger bathtub or shower is necessary.
  2. When using a bathtub, it is important to place a rubber mat at the bottom of the tub and fill it with little water to prevent accidents.
  3. When using a shower, a non-slip mat should be placed under the baby bath and the caregiver should wear comfortable clothes and never take their eyes off the baby.
  4. Bath time can be a fun and relaxing time for babies and is a great way to start a sleep routine.

Your baby has grown a lot and now they are probably too big for the sink or their baby tub. Plus, they are splashing everywhere! If you’re wondering what you should do, here are a few options.

Transitioning from the baby tub

If you have a bathtub:

  • You can choose to get a bigger, portable tub for your baby and place it in the bathtub. To prevent slips, first, place a rubber mat on the bottom of the bathtub and then place your child’s tub in.
  • You don’t necessarily have to use a portable bath at all. If your baby can sit up alone without any support, they are ready for this big step! All you need is a rubber mat at the bottom of the tub and their bath toys. Your child will have ample space to play in, so they probably won’t want to get out.
  • Now, despite having more control over their body, they still need your absolute attention. 
    • It is important to fill the tub with little water, to prevent accidents. 
    • Check the water temperature with your elbow before putting your baby in. 
    • Don’t answer the phone or sort out other issues during your child’s bath time.
    • If you have an emergency while bathing your little one, first take them out, wrap them in a towel, and take them to a safe place before you attend anything else.
  • Don’t forget to make bath time a fun and relaxing time for your baby!

If you have a shower:

  • It’s okay if there are no bathtubs in your home. You can choose a larger portable bath and place it in a shower. If your baby can sit up unsupported, they’ll be able to splash around in their comfortable bath and the water will fall into the shower.
  • Bathing them in the shower is very simple!
    • You must first place a non-slip mat so that their bathtub won’t move.
    • When the tub is placed safely, fill the tub with warm water and check the temperature with your elbow or inside part of your wrist.
    • Try to wear comfortable clothes; you’ll have to crouch down and sit on the floor.
  • It is very important to never take your eyes off your baby; accidents can happen in seconds.
    • If for some reason you have to leave your little one, first take them out of the bathtub, wrap them in a towel, put them in a safe place, and then attend to anything else.
  • Bath time is a great way to start a sleep routine, so try to make it a pleasant time and show a lot of love.

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