Kinedu 2.0: Completely redesigned!

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Have you downloaded Kinedu’s latest version, Kinedu 2.0? If you haven’t, it’s a must! The new version of our app features a completely new design you are sure to love!

We redesigned Kinedu 2.0 using Apple’s new Swift language for a faster and better experience. The new app has performance improvements and a more intuitive interface so that our users can easily navigate the app and track their baby’s development. For example, the clearer progress report graphics makes it easier for you to visualize your child’s development and the new milestone checklist allows you to update your baby’s milestones and know which big ones are coming up soon! Also, aligned with the milestones checklist, the way to answer the periodical assessments has completely changed – becoming clearer as well!

See for yourself by taking a short video tour of the most important new features by clicking here!

Foto Kinedu 2.0 Progress Foto Kinedu 2.0 actividad Foto Kinedu 2.0



















Amazing, right? Kinedu 2.0 is brighter, bolder and simpler – making it easier for our users to navigate and get the most out of the whole experience! Don’t miss out on it! Download Kinedu 2.0 by clicking here.

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