Kinedu 2.0: The new and improved progress report!

baby girl crawling and a phone showing her progress

The latest version of our app has a lot of exciting new features and improvements. One of the things we noticed that was very important for our users, was the progress section of our app. Most importantly, understanding how their babies were doing compared to the average child. That is why we worked hard to bring you a new way to view your child’s progress – with a clearer interface that is easier to understand!

This is how the progress report works:

It is divided by key areas of development, Physical, Linguistic, Cognitive and Social and Emotional, the same way the activities are. The first chart you see represents the percentage of milestones achieved in the initial assessment; the second chart, called ‘live progress’, represents current percentage of achieved milestones; the third one represents the percentage of milestones achieved by the average same-age baby. Browse through each area and find out where are your baby’s strengths and areas of opportunity!


foto close up progress


Have you downloaded the newest version of our app? Why wait, right? Get it here!

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