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Kinedu Assessments 101



How does Kinedu tailor activity programs specifically to a child’s development? We do so through our periodic and continuous assessments.

Although these two are presented in two separate formats, they both serve the function of updating your baby’s progress so that each activity program is better tailored to his or her needs.


Periodic assessments are presented at the beginning of each developmental stage, and consist of a battery of developmental milestones relevant to your baby’s age. The battery includes a range of milestones, so that your baby may have accomplished some of them already, while others are yet to be completed. For this same reason, don’t worry if your baby hasn’t yet achieved a specific milestone – each child develops at his or her own pace, and you’ll watch his abilities unfold with both time and practice.

The initial assessment presented at the time of sign up is the first of the periodic assessments. Based on the initial assessment, Kinedu creates a Kinedugram that targets the most relevant skills for your baby. Relevancy is determined by the strengths and weaknesses identified through the assessment, as well as sensitive periods of development.

Kinedugrams are kept relevant by allowing you to continuously report advances made after each activity. Select “Record Progress” on the Activity page to fill out relevant milestones.

To assess a milestone, consider if your baby is consistently able to do what the milestone describes. If he is, mark it as a “yes”. If not, simply mark it as a “not yet”. In some cases, we’ll ask you to specify with more related milestones to help us further identify your baby’s precise level of development.

Assessments are incredibly important to allow us to personalize your baby’s Kinedugram, and giving you the best tools for providing the stimulation and skills that your baby needs. Happy assessing (and playing)!

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