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An exciting new announcement


kinedu’s next phase is here, and it’s going to change the way we do… everything.

Dear kinedu families,

I’m excited to share with you kinedu’s biggest release since our launch 7 years ago: unlimited, live parenting and development classes created and hosted by experts. We’re giving you direct access to top early childhood specialists who are here to help you play, learn, and thrive. Together. 

This new release was inspired by you. In the many conversations we’ve had with families over the past year, we realized that parents have a lot of questions about their child’s development, but they don’t know where to turn for trustworthy answers. Until now.

Because this release was inspired by families like you, we’re offering current kinedu users a special early bird discount for a limited time. To claim your offer, click here.

Families now have two new plans to choose from: kinedu | learn and kinedu | thrive. Both experiences combine content, coaching, and community to help families navigate these early years confidently together. You will still have access to the thousands of play-time activities you love; we’re simply adding more ways to get the guidance and answers you need by introducing live and on-demand sessions on sleep, feeding, positive parenting, and other highly-requested topics.  

This is your direct pipeline to expert support. Talk to specialists during live sessions, chat with an expert via the app, or –with kinedu | thrive— meet your assigned development coach in 1:1 Zoom calls. They are here to answer any question you might have about your child’s development, big or small. We know that because every child is different, it’s hard to find answers to those unique, sometimes tricky questions you might have about your child. We want that to change. 


Parents often feel like they need to navigate these early years alone. But they don’t have to. Along with expert live sessions, we’re adding a family forum feature to the app. You can choose any topic that’s relevant to you (sleep, breastfeeding, physical milestones, etc.) and share tips and experiences with other families around the world. You are part of a kinedu family that is 7 million strong —let’s leverage that network to troubleshoot common problems like latching, introducing solids, and handling the terrible twos and support each other. We are here for you –we are your (digital) village.

Despite all of these changes, we haven’t strayed from our original goal: to take studies from leading research institutions and distill them into quick play activities for you and your baby that encourage lifelong skills like communication, problem-solving, and creativity. Today, we are happy to continue supporting you on your parenting journey by connecting you directly with experts through live courses, interactive sessions, and master classes. We hope our new experience will continue to bring families together to share ideas and support one another.

I’m happy you’re here. I believe that a quality upbringing, rooted in brain science and a strong parent community, can change everything.

Thank you for inviting us into your family’s journey. Let’s Play, Learn, and Thrive. Together


kinedu CEO 

PS: See for yourself with a special early bird offer + 7-day free trial!

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