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Kinedu News: Premium New Feature Coming in the Fall

Mom and toddler reading a children's book
Hi Readers!

I met up with Cristy and Samantha, two of Kinedu’s Lead Content Creators and Resident Psychologists, to chat about Kinedu Tracks, a premium new feature that they’ve been working on. Keep reading to find out more about this awesome new feature that’s coming in the fall.


E: So, what exactly is Kinedu Tracks?

C: Tracks is a new program we’re currently working on that works to develop a specific skill such as sitting, standing, walking. Unlike a Kinedugram, that works to boost development holistically, Tracks are composed of activities that work towards one specific goal.

S: I’ll tell you a bit more about this. Each track is made up of a set of related activities that range from simple to very complex. For example, if you’re looking to prepare your child for walking, the “My First Steps” track will provide activities that work on the simplest skills that 6 month olds need to develop, and work all the way up to your child actually beginning to walk.


E: Can you elaborate on how tracks work?

C: Let’s go back to the walking example. What skills are necessary in order for a baby to walk? He or she needs to be able to stand upright, stay balanced while standing, have a certain level of motor coordination, and have certain muscle strength in his legs and core.

With tracks, you’ll get 15-25 activities that target those specific abilities. These abilities build on each other to reach the final milestone.


What are other tracks that will be available?

S: Other than “My first steps”, you’ll find “My First Words”, “Learning to Crawl”, “Color Exploration”, “Developing Sensory Skills”… We’ll keep the other fourteen as a surprise for our users!

C: As usual, each activity will be accompanied by a how-to video, and requires filling out progress at the end of each activity.



E: That sounds pretty cool. How did you come up with the Tracks program?

S: We came up with Tracks by listening to our Kinedu users! Parents were always asking us how to reach a specific milestone. So we designed Tracks to fit that demand – giving parents a specific path to follow in order to reach the milestone they were interested in.


E: I have one last question for you two! How can I get Tracks?

S: Tracks will be available in the fall as a feature created especially for our premium users. You’ll find it as separate item on our app’s menu – totally separate from your Kinedugram!

That’s it for today’s interview! We hope you’re as excited as I am about the upcoming new features.  If you want to learn more about Kinedu Tracks or other Pedagogical Content, shoot Samantha or Cristy an email at or


Have a great rest of your Tuesday!


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