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How can partners get ready for childbirth?

pregnant woman and baby shoes

The arrival of a new baby can generate nervousness, but don’t worry, the key is being well prepared for the big day! Partners also have an important role in all of this, so invite your partner or a family member to get involved and be an active part of the preparation!

Preparation for partners:
• Read a little about childbirth. Knowing the signs and symptoms that announce labor will give you confidence and allow you to act quickly when the mom-to-be starts having contractions. Additionally, knowing what to expect in the delivery room will help you be prepared for everything.
• Are you going to be the designated driver? Make sure you know the fastest route to the hospital! Consider traffic at different times and check the hospital’s parking policies.
• Don’t forget the baby’s car seat! It may seem easy, but installing it can be more challenging than you think. Read the instructions and follow the safety guidelines for transporting your newborn safely.
• Be ready for the action! Pack your bags ahead of time. You can help your partner pack theirs or have yours ready. And if you plan to stay in the hospital too, make sure you bring everything you need.


The role of partners during childbirth:
• Distract your partner during the early stages of labor. Remember that the process can be long, so be there for them and work together as a team.
• Encourage your partner to walk around the hospital a bit, unless the doctor advises otherwise. Movement can be comforting and help things progress smoothly.
• Time to keep track! Time the contractions to stay informed about how things are progressing.
• Massage your partner’ shoulders, back, feet, or wherever they need relief.
• Try different relaxation techniques together. Focusing on breathing, resting, and repeating can work wonders for managing anxiety and nerves.

Labor can be a challenge for both of you, but remember to support each other every step of the way. The most important thing is to enjoy every moment of this unique experience!

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