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Why are mirrors good for baby’s development?

mirrors good for my baby’s development

One of the easiest ways to support your child’s development is with an everyday household item: mirrors.

They may not be the fanciest or most expensive toys on the market, but they’re one of the best tools to strengthen your baby’s cognitive and visual development.

Support your baby’s visual acuity and self-awareness with these easy mirror games.

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Mirror games to play with your baby

  • Put your baby on your lap. Using a small mirror, look at your reflection together. Point out where your baby’s eyes, nose, mouth, or ears are. This is a great way to help your baby recognize different parts of their body.
  • Babies also love it when you alternate bringing the mirror closer and farther away. This helps build depth perception.
  • Babies can just as easily play on their own. Try giving your baby a small mirror or a toy with mirrors on it so that they can look at themselves without your help. This is easiest to do if your baby is sitting in a rocker or in their crib.

Why mirrors are good for your baby

Aside from being fun to play with, mirrors support developmental growth.

Cognitive development

For a baby, it’s not immediately clear that you are one person and they are another person. A mirror helps your baby differentiate between people. Similar to peek-a-boo, playing in front of the mirror helps build your baby’s awareness of self and others. 

Visual Development

When your baby first looks at themselves in the mirror, they might become overwhelmed. They will likely look all over the place, absorbing everything in their surroundings. With time, your baby will start to focus on themselves. Soon enough, they’ll even be able to recognize their own visual identity and differentiate themselves from other people and objects.

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