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Mother’s day during pandemic

mothers hugging each other

Key points:

  1. Pandemic disproportionately affects families, especially mothers due to school closures and childcare issues.
  2. Many women left the workforce, impacting mental well-being and financial stability.
  3. Practical steps can be taken to support each other, including flexible work arrangements and childcare aid.
  4. Kinedu is donating subscriptions and offering affordable options to help families during this challenging time.

This pandemic has been uniquely challenging for families, especially mothers. Let’s do what we can to support each other.

At the height of the pandemic, around 91% of children were out of school and daycare. With little to no alternatives, families have been left to carry out their child’s early learning from home. Women, disproportionately, are shouldering that burden. More than 2 million women have left the workforce since March of 2020, many due to a lack of childcare or schooling. As Deketa Brown, mother of two, told the New York Times, “I have to keep it together for everyone else…I feel like a ticking time bomb that is constantly being pushed to the breaking point.”

This is not the time to offer excuses or pretend that families aren’t struggling. There are things we can do as individuals and as families to help each other. 

The report Childcare in the COVID-19 Era: A Guide for Employers published by the World Bank offers several actionable recommendations for employers and families. The recommendations range from offering childcare services to flexible work-from-home options to early learning resources. 


At Kinedu, we’ve decided to address the ongoing challenges families are facing by:

  1. Offering our employees child care assistance so they can focus on work without worrying about childcare costs.
  2. Donating subscriptions to families in need. During the month of May, for every Kinedu user that upgrades to a yearly Premium plan or purchases a gift card, we’ll donate one Premium subscription to a family severely affected by the pandemic.
  3. Keeping our prices low. We know that budgets are tight. For those who can afford a Kinedu subscription, we want to make sure the cost is as affordable as possible (while also keeping our team employed!).
  4. Meeting families where they are. If families are stuck at home, we’re there to help. We’ve introduced a virtual 12-week program where families can take classes from experts, meet other parents, and get one-on-one support.

Donation FAQs

How does Buy One, Give One work?

For every yearly Premium subscription or gift card purchased during the month of May, we’ll give one lifetime Premium subscription to a family in need. All you have to do is upgrade to Premium and select a yearly plan. If you are already a Premium member, you can purchase a gift card here as part of our Gift One, Give One campaign.

Who will receive a free subscription?

We’ve partnered with nonprofits and other organizations to distribute the subscriptions to low-income families who have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Which nonprofit partners are you working with?

Our partners include preschools that are currently closed, nonprofits working with migrant families, and charitable foundations—to name a few. The organizations are spread across the world, and are primarily based in the United States, Mexico, and Brazil. If you would like to refer a nonprofit, please email for more information.

How can I help?

From now until May 31, when you upgrade to a Premium yearly plan, we’ll donate a subscription to a family in need. That’s all! If you’re already a Premium member, purchase a gift card, and we’ll do the same. Our goal is to raise 5,000 subscriptions!

Mother’s Day is definitely about being showered in love and appreciation, but it’s also a time to think of other mothers, grandmothers, and caregivers that need a little extra love, too. Will you join us and help us reach our goal of donating 5,000 subscriptions to families in need?

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