We know that sometimes, it feels as if your pet was your first “baby”. Loyal and lovable, pets bring a lot of joy to a family. Here are a few tips to help create a harmonious relationship between your pet and your baby, and prevent accidents along the way.

Sometimes, dogs that have been living with a family for a long time can be jealous or distrustful when a new member arrives. This can sometimes lead to aggressions. So try to be alert to signs including jumping at you, demanding your attention more than usual, or barking to your little one when you are with him.

How can I prevent aggressive reactions?

  • If your pet is a dog, train him. Although you might think training is unnecessary, it will make him more stable, predictable, and less likely to hurt your child.
  • If you have the chance, show your pet one of your baby’s used garments so that he can smell it. Do this before he gets to know him, so he can get used to his smell.
  • Pets are unpredictable and our little ones can be spontaneous too. Therefore, always be present and alert when your pet and your baby are in the same room together.
  • Get your pet involved when you are with your little one, be affectionate towards him while you take care of your baby.
  • If you notice any aggression against your little one, reprimand your pet immediately.
  • If you have a cat, put a net over your baby’s crib to avoid unsupervised visits.

Now, should not only worry about security as far as accidents can go, you also have to take care of hygiene to keep your baby healthy.

  • Make sure your pet has been dewormed. Some parasites can be passed from pets to babies, so make sure your pet has been vaccinated and is 100% healthy.
  • Keep your pet clean. Watch out for fleas and ticks, as these can come in contact with your child’s skin.
  • If your pet bites your little one, only scraping his skin, you can treat the manageable wound at home. Wash the cut very well under cold water and cover it with a bandage, check it the following day to see there is any signs of infection.
  • If the wound is deep, wash it the same way but take your child to your doctor immediately or to medical emergencies.

If you achieve a good bond between your little one and your pet, it will be wonderful and quite beneficial! Experts say that young children living with pets develop an excellent immune system, believed to be due to exposure to pet dandruff and some of the microbes that they carry in from the outside. There’s really nothing to worry about, as long as you’re always monitoring your baby when your pet is present and looking after your pet’s health. If you are just about to buy a dog, it’s best to read many dog guides and choose a breed that is recommended for young children. Do the same with cats and choose one that can best live with infants and children.