Your baby’s birth was a very special occasion and seeing him grow has surely been a great adventure. As time goes by, you’ll see that he reaches new developmental milestones. Remember when he was able to hold his head up? Or when he started recognizing you? Imagine how much more he’ll achieve in the next months!

By now, it is very likely your baby moves his legs while lying down and gets excited by what he sees around him. That’s why, when you hold him in the air, you’ll see him shaking his legs. If that’s the case, you’ve also noticed that, when holding him up and allowing his feet to touch a flat surface, your baby can support some of his weight and it looks like he is standing up. Of course, he will only be able to do this with your help. This new position will give him a new perspective of his surroundings while strengthening his leg muscles.

Most babies acquire this skill when they’re around four months old. Although each baby develops at their own pace, what matters now is that you help your little one get stronger. Try to do these exercises while your baby is lying on his back, before trying them in a vertical position:

  • Lay your baby on his back on a comfortable surface. Grab his ankles and moves his legs in a cycling motion. Practice this for as long as he finds it enjoyable.
  • While lying on his back, place your palms against your baby’s soles and press them gently. See if he tries to flex or stretch his legs or help him do it.

If you hold your baby in a vertical position, he won’t be able to stay like that by himself. He’ll need your help at all times. This milestone is different than standing up, which will be achieved in a few months, but it is also important because it sets the stage for future skills like walking, running, jumping, and so much more!

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It’s also important to check if your baby’s legs are rigid or if his muscles are weak. If that’s the case, we recommend you speak to your pediatrician on the next visit. In the meantime, you can keep stimulating your little one at home and spend quality time together.


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