Nausea-proof habits

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Is nausea keeping you from enjoying your food? Don’t worry! Feeling nauseous is completely normal during the first trimester since your body is changing and your hormones are adjusting. It’s at this stage that your hormonal levels of GCH and estrogen are working. Another reason for feeling nauseous is the increased pressure in your uterus. Finally, it can also be a consequence of eating habits; which is easily mended with a change of habits.

To avoid feeling nausea you can try the following tips:

• Portion control. Make sure you eat food that is rich in vitamins, and in small portions throughout the day

• Eat snacks. Make sure they are healthy and low in simple carbohydrates


• Eat crackers to minimize nausea. Sucking on ice could also be helpful

• Stay hydrated by constantly consuming liquids in small quantities. Avoid taking hurried gulps

• Avoid foods that are too smelly. If you still want to eat them, make sure to eat it when cold or lukewarm. Hot food tends to enhance the smell

• Keep your mouth clean. Brushing your teeth after every snack and meal will not only help your dental hygiene, but it will also help diminish nausea

If your sickness does not subside or you are in pain, don’t doubt to call your doctor!

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