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Necessary prenatal tests

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Your doctor will ask for a series of tests during your pregnancy to make sure everything’s running smoothly. These tests will depend on the trimester you are in. Aside from these tests, your doctor will check your blood pressure, abdominal growth, and your baby’s heartbeat, every time you have an appointment.

Here’s a list of the tests you’ll have to get each trimester:

First trimester:
•  Ultrasound: it’s done at the beginning of pregnancy. These will be done at least two other times during your pregnancy
• Medical history: done in order to know the parent’s health, check for previous pregnancies, and rule out any illness or allergy
• Pap smear and colposcopy: to check for vaginal infections, cervical cancer, or human papillomavirus
• Urine test: it can detect urinary infections as well as your kidney’s functionality. Urine tests can be done every month
• Blood test: it can detect your blood type, hemoglobin levels, infections like syphilis or toxoplasmosis amongst other things

Second trimester:
• Fetal ultrasound: to check for the baby’s growth as well as {his/her} organs
• Diabetes test: it’s done to rule out or diagnose gestational diabetes

Third trimester:
• Fetal ultrasound: done to check your baby’s growth, amongst other things
• Streptococcus bacteria: a test is done to check for this bacteria through rectal and vaginal fluids
• Fetal monitoring: done to check the baby’s heart rate

Further testing can be suggested by your doctor depending on your age or medical background to rule out any abnormalities or pathologies, such as Down’s syndrome.


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