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Why should I add omega 3 to my diet?

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We’ve all heard about the famous omega 3, that essential fatty acid found in seafood and algae. It is called “essential” because our body can’t produce it on its own, so we have to get it through our diet!

Omega 3 fats are fundamental during pregnancy, they help the baby’s brain and eyes develop. Moreover, according to scientific studies, they also prevent you from feeling blue, particularly when sailing through the changing seas of hormones that come with pregnancy. So, if we want everything to go well and have a peaceful and healthy pregnancy, we need to embrace omega 3!


Doctors recommend that expecting moms get at least 200 mg of DHA per day, an important part of omega 3, and this can be achieved by eating seafood once or twice a week.

But hey, we understand that some people are not big seafood enthusiasts, especially while pregnant. No worries! There are other options to get DHA. Vegans also have their chance with special supplements. And for those who prefer the traditional style, there are always fish oil capsules coming to the rescue.

So, you know what to do, ask your doctor about prenatal vitamin options that contain DHA, and give seafood a chance, as long as it’s fresh and well cooked! Eat healthy and enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest!

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