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What is the best parenting style for me?

little boy talking to his father

We know there is a lot of information about parenting styles out there, and it can be a bit overwhelming. Each of them have positive and negative aspects; here we have the main four summed up for you:

  • The democratic style: parents are warm and understanding, they set clear rules, but also give space for the little ones to spread their wings.
  • The authoritarian style: these parents want to have everything under control. They can be pretty strict with the rules and punishments, which can affect children’s self esteem and their ability to develop problem solving skills and deal with frustration.
  • The permissive style: Parents who always say “yes” to everything, children have no limits or schedules and always get their way. Sometimes, that can make the kids a bit impulsive and self-centered.
  • The neglectful style: These are parents who seem unavailable, they don’t set rules or get involved much in their children’s lives, which can affect their emotional development.

There is no magic recipe that works for everyone, but knowing the effect on certain extremes can be helpful when raising your little one. Every child is unique and special, so analyze their needs and use different approaches. The important thing is to give them love, support, and guide them on this adventure as they grow up. You’re gonna be a super parent!

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