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What happens with pelvic muscles during pregnancy?

pregnant woman lifting her hips while lying on the floor

One of the areas that is most impacted by the changes of pregnancy is the pelvic floor. The muscles that make up the pelvis provide support to organs such as the bladder and intestines. These muscles don’t just serve the purpose of holding these organs in place, but are also involved in their proper functioning.

The pelvic muscles typically weaken during pregnancy and childbirth, to such an extent that over 60% of women experience urinary incontinence during or after childbirth. To reduce the likelihood of this happening, it is important to exercise these muscles!


There are several exercises you can do to strengthen the pelvic muscles. For example, one of them is as simple as contracting the pelvic muscles for 10 seconds, releasing, and repeating the exercise 10 times. It’s important not to contract the wrong muscles, such as the leg or abdominal muscles. To identify the pelvic muscles, you can pay attention when urinating, as one of their functions is to interrupt the flow of urine. Once you have identified them, it will be easier for you to exercise them. Remember to perform these exercises at least three times a day and hold your breath while contracting these muscles.

Gradual weight gain is another way to prevent these muscles from giving out, and it also helps prevent complications in the future. Engaging in moderate exercise during pregnancy and keeping a balanced diet can help with this.

Please note that every pregnancy is unique, so be sure to consult with your doctor before starting any exercise routine. Take care of yourself and your well-being during this wonderful stage of your life!

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