Your body goes through lots of changes during pregnancy, and the part of your body that’s most affected tends to be your pelvic floor. Your pelvic muscles offer support for your bladder and intestine.

During pregnancy and delivery, your pelvic muscles weaken due to the weight and pressure of your expanding uterus. 60% of women report that they have suffered from urinary incontinence during or after giving birth. For this reason, you should exercise these muscles to decrease your chances of experiencing incontinence too.

There are many exercises you could do to work on your pelvic muscles. For example, one of them is as simple as contracting your pelvic muscles for ten seconds and then repeating the exercise 10 times. Just be sure to contract the right muscles, not muscles in your abdomen or legs. To figure out which muscles are appropriate you’ll have to pay attention to your body when you pee since one of the pelvic muscle’s responsibilities is to interrupt the flow of urine. It’ll be easier for you to work these muscles if you know which ones are they. Remember to do these exercises at least three times a day and hold your breath while you contract your pelvic muscles.

Gradual weight gain is another way to keep your muscles strong and avoid further complications. This is why moderate exercise is so important.

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