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How much should I eat?

pregnant woman holding a tomato

During pregnancy, it is crucial to take care of both the quality and quantity of our food. But don’t worry if you don’t have a measuring cup at hand! To maintain a healthy diet during pregnancy, you can use your own body as a reference. Here is a list of measurement equivalents and quantities. Your hand will be your measuring tool, and you’ll be surprised at how useful it can be!

  • A closed fist is equivalent to one cup. Any food that fits within this measurement is considered one serving. This measurement is useful for calculating carbohydrate portions, like rice and pasta, as well as measuring fruits and vegetables.
  • If you open your hand, you’ll get the measurement for calculating meat portions.
  • With your hand extended, focus on the tips of your fingers. The tip of your thumb is equivalent to one teaspoon, representing a serving of sugar and fats, like oil and butter. Two extended index fingers are equivalent to one serving of cheese or cold cuts like ham.
  • Close your hand again, and each handful of food you can take with it is equivalent to one ounce, useful for measuring portions of grains, nuts, dried fruits, and snacks.
  • When it comes to bread and tortillas, keep in mind that your hand will only help you measure the size, not the thickness. The portion should not exceed the length of your hand, but the thickness varies depending on whether it’s bread or a tortilla. As for slices of bread, they can be approximately as thick as your pinky finger.

Now that you know these measurements, it will be easier for you to control your food portions. Try to avoid foods directly from bags. If you eat pre-packaged or fried foods, check the indicated portions on the packaging or use small bowls to measure them.

Remember that these recommendations are general, and calorie and nutritional requirements may vary depending on the individual needs of each woman. Every pregnancy is unique. That’s why it is advisable to consult a healthcare professional, such as a doctor or nutritionist, to obtain personalized recommendations regarding nutrition during pregnancy. Making sure you and your baby get the proper nourishment is the most important thing!

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