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Possible risks of prenatal exposure to pesticides

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Pesticide exposure during pregnancy could be associated with autism, a neurological disorder that affects 1 in every 100 children. Autism is characterized by an alteration in social interaction, communication, and repetitive behavior. That is, people with autism are intensely concentrated in their inner world and progressively lose contact with external reality. Health experts from the State of California researched this topic and found that a high amount of children who live near fields where pesticide are used have autism. The study suggests that prenatal exposure to pesticides is related to autism. Therefore, according to this study expectant mothers should be far away from fields where pesticides are used, as this may reduce the possibilities of having a child with autism. However, we know that autism has a genetic side to it; this is why it’s uncertain the effect that environmental factors have. More research and scientific evidence are needed to prove this connection.

Other studies have found connections between pesticides and neurological disorders, or other health issues such as asthma. It’s also believed that pesticides could be related to problems like ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) as they take a toll on the baby’s brain, which is still developing. However, this possible correlation also needs more scientific evidence.

Even though this is just a possible connection, avoiding pesticides is recommended while you’re expecting a baby.


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