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What are the risks of prenatal exposure to pesticides?

adult using pesticides on a crop

Let’s take a look at the possible relationship between pesticide exposure during pregnancy and autism. Autism is a neurological disorder that affects 1 in every 100 children, characterized by difficulties in social interaction, communication, and repetitive behaviors. In summary, individuals with autism have their own inner world and may lose contact with the external reality.

It turns out that health experts in the United States conducted an interesting study and found that many children living near fields where certain pesticides were used turned out to have autism. This suggests a potential link between prenatal exposure to pesticides and autism. In other words, the farther the mother lives from agricultural areas, the less likely it is for her baby to develop autism in the future. However, it’s also important to consider that autism has a genetic component and is caused by multiple factors, so we still don’t know the exact influence of environmental factors. Further research and scientific evidence are needed to provide more answers.


Furthermore, other studies have also found connections between pesticides and neurological disorders or other health problems, such as asthma. Some even suggest that pesticides could be related to issues like ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or infertility, particularly affecting the brain development of children. However, solid scientific evidence is still required to confirm these possible relationships.

Despite being a potential association, it is strongly recommended to avoid pesticide exposure during pregnancy. It’s better to take caution and try as much as possible to avoid contact with these chemical substances during this crucial stage.

Always remember to consult with healthcare professionals and follow the specific guidelines and recommendations of your country or region regarding the use of pesticides during pregnancy. Caution and awareness are essential to protect your health and your baby’s.

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