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Which pregnancy nutrition myths have been debunked?

pregnant woman holding a fruit in front of the fridge

There are so many weird beliefs about health, pregnancy, and childbirth that it can make our heads spin. But don’t worry, here we’re going to debunk some myths.

Myth: “Eat for two!”

Fact: Although you need more nutrients, you only need to increase your calories by about 300 in the second trimester and 500 in the third. No need to eat double, just listen to your body.

Myth: “If you don’t gain much weight, you’ll have an easy delivery.”

Fact: Balance is key. Not gaining enough weight can be risky, and carrying too much weight isn’t ideal either. Our bodies know what they’re doing, just make sure to take care of yourself, and it’s fine if you indulge a little.


Myth: “Eating healthy means no discomfort.”

Fact: Eating well helps, but pregnancy discomforts will probably happen, no matter what you eat. There’s no way to completely avoid heartburn and nausea!

Myth: “No salt, or you might explode!”

Fact: Salt isn’t to blame for everything. Stick to your normal consumption, just don’t go over 1500 mg per day. A little bloating is completely normal.

Myth: “No fats, goodbye avocado!”

Fact: Good fats are your allies. Avocado, olive oil, and nuts are great for your health. Say yes to healthy fats! Remember, pregnancy is a rollercoaster, but with good information, you’ll enjoy it much more!

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