To put in practice the tactile technique, work on your receptive or affective communication with your baby through massages with different objects and textures. The tactile technique can be done starting at the tenth week of gestation. When you place pressure on your abdomen, vibrations are generated and transmitted through the amniotic fluid, and then received by the baby’s skin nerves. Studies and ultrasounds have found that the baby’s heart rate increases when the mom’s belly is gently pressured.

The tactile technique could benefit your baby by boosting {his/her} physical and mental health. However, it’s strongly advised to avoid this technique if you have any infection, abdominal pain, past abortion or preterm birth.

What are some of the exercises that are recommended for my baby’s stimulation?

• Massage your belly with different textures or a vibrator. You can use textured objects, small rubber balls, or your fingertips
• Answer with a little tap or gently pressure your abdomen whenever your baby kicks. Try doing this constantly
• Let water run on your belly with different levels of intensity. You may do this when you’re in the shower
• Ask your partner or a family member to stroke your belly, so that they can start forming a bond with your baby too