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How can I prepare my children for their new sibling?

little girl touching her pregnant mom's belly

New baby on the way?

If your little one is joining a family already filled with love, it’s time to prepare the siblings for the big arrival. Don’t worry if you’re a new mom or dad, save this article for the future!

Each child is unique and will react differently based on their age, so here are some tips to prepare your baby or toddler:


For little ones aged 12 to 36 months:

  • Talk to them about babies, so they can get used to the idea
  • Announce the arrival of the new sibling with enthusiasm and involve them in the process
  • Tell them stories about babies and siblings, they’ll love it!
  • Use the words “brother” or “sister” every day, so they feel even more connected
  • Take them shopping for baby items and let them pick, let them be part of the preparations!
  • Allow them to feel how the baby moves inside your belly, it will amaze them!

For children aged 2 to 5 years:

  • At this age, changes can be overwhelming, so be understanding and listen to their feelings
  • Read books about pregnancies and siblings with them, it will help them understand things better
  • Talk to them about the great responsibility of being the older sibling
  • Explain how babies behave and what to expect from them
  • Before giving their belongings to the new baby, ask them and let them play with those items one last time. This way, you’ll avoid misunderstandings.

Don’t leave this important transition for the last minute. Start teaching them about their new role as older siblings, involve them in the preparations, and you’ll see that the adaptation will be smoother. No feeling rejected or forgotten! Reassure them and make them an active part of the process of waiting for the new family member.

Keep enjoying this exciting stage in your family!

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