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How to Spend Quality Time with Your Family

how to spend quality time with family

Quality time with family is essential for strengthening emotional bonds and developing social and emotional skills in children. However, we often feel pressured to follow rules and ideals that prevent us from enjoying simple moments with our little ones, and we wonder: how can we spend quality time with our family?

It’s important to remember that quality time doesn’t have to be elaborate or long. A few minutes of attention and mindful interaction can make a big difference. It’s also important to establish healthy and conscious limits on the use of screens and technology.

Spending quality time with your children is not just about distraction or entertainment, but an opportunity to strengthen emotional bonds, teach values and skills, and create lasting memories. It’s an investment for the well-being and development of our little ones and ourselves.

Ideas to spend quality time with your family

Here are some ideas on how to spend quality time with your family, and some game ideas that can help:

1. Cooking together

Cooking is a great activity to do as a family. Choose a simple recipe and involve your children in the preparation process. Apart from being a fun activity, you can teach them about healthy eating, measurements, and basic math.

2. Board games

Board games are an excellent option as they help develop social, cognitive, and emotional skills while providing fun moments. There are different types of games, from simple to complex, that can be played by children and adults.

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3. Reading together

This is a great way to foster imagination! Choose a book that interests everyone and set aside time to read aloud and discuss the story and characters.

4. Arts and crafts

Crafts are an excellent way to promote creativity. Choose simple materials like paper, glue, scissors, and paint, and let everyone’s imagination soar!

5. Sports activities

Engaging in sports activities as a family is a great way to promote healthy habits. Choose an activity that everyone enjoys, such as playing soccer, cycling, or walking.

Ideas of family play activities

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with games you can all play together, so here are some family play activity ideas:


1. Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts can be done at home or in a park. Hide objects around the house or park and create clues for everyone to find the treasure.

2. Memory Game

The memory game is a simple game that helps develop memory and concentration. Use cards with matching or similar images and ask the children to find the pairs.

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3. Musical Chairs

Musical chairs is a classic game that can be played as a family. Arrange chairs in a circle and ask everyone to dance to the rhythm of a song. When the music stops, everyone must find a chair to sit on. In each round, remove one chair until only one person is left sitting.

4. Hand Painting

Painting with hands is a fun activity that children love. Choose washable paint and let them use their hands to create drawings and paintings. Join the fun, get messy and create a masterpiece together! 

5. Family Theater

Acting and pretend play are great ways of stimulating children’s creativity and imagination. Choose a simple story and ask each family member to play a character. Practice together and present the play to others, or just for yourselves!

In summary, spending quality time with family is essential for strengthening bonds and creating special and long lasting memories with your children. The ideas presented here can help create those moments and make family time even more special!

It’s important to remember that quality time with family doesn’t have to be elaborate or a very specific activity; it’s more about having emotional availability that can be shared in simple and enjoyable moments, like watching a movie together or eating popcorn on the couch. The important thing is to identify something you enjoy and can share with your little ones, without being bound by rules or expectations.

Always remember that time is a valuable and limited resource, and that each minute dedicated to spending quality time with our family is a valuable investment in a happier and healthier future for our kids!

Communication entrepreneur for nearly 20 years, Acácia Lima found her life purpose after the birth of her daughter Mariana in 2014 when she founded a NGO focused on supporting and educating families. Since then, she has undergone various training programs, such as Person-Centered Approach, Palliative Care, Interdisciplinarityof Children and Adolescents, Humanization at Work, among others. In addition to being a mental health specialist, she is a speaker and group facilitator.

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