Sleep is essential for leading a healthy life. It allows our body to rest and maintain good mental and physical health. Sleep is essential for our brain, during this time it consolidates and organizes the day’s events. Similarly, adequate sleep hours allow us to go through different stages of sleep, achieving a restorative sleep. If sleep is extremely important for adults, you can imagine how important it is for babies that are still growing!

Sleep is vital for babies. Their brains require it to develop properly and their bodies, to grow. When babies sleep, they restore their energy, their bodies release growth hormones, and they consolidate the day’s findings. Sleeping helps them to wake up ready to explore their surroundings with enough energy to move and crawl around. It also helps them to be happy and in good spirits!

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the sleeping range for babies that are 10-12 months old is between 12-15 hours. Some babies sleep less, between 11-13 hours, and others more, up to 19 hours a day. However, experts don’t recommend that your little one sleeps above or below this 11-19 hour range. If your child is sleeping more, you can try shortening his naps so that he receives enough stimulation during the day; if he sleeps less, try to emphasize his sleep routine. Keep in mind that only after the first year, the recommended hours of sleep are 11 to 14 hours a day.