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Is running safe when pregnant?

pregnant woman running

Did you know running is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle? It has so many physical and emotional benefits!

You might be wondering if you can keep up with this habit during pregnancy. You bet! It’s important to talk to your doctor and get their approval, but apart from that, just a few adjustments and listening to your body is all you need. Remember, each pregnancy is unique. But as long as there are no serious issues, you can keep working out. Just dial down the intensity and make the necessary adjustments as your pregnancy progresses.


Here’s a list of reasons to keep running (or walking) during pregnancy:

  • Say goodbye to nausea, fatigue, and various aches. Running can help reduce those typical pregnancy discomforts.
  • Strengthen your muscles and get a boost of energy to handle all the changes coming your way.
  • Running can also help regulate weight gain, so you can maintain a keep enjoying your running routine, but remember no to push yourself too hard and stay attentive to your body’s signals.
  • And the best part… agility during childbirth. With exercise, labor can be smoother and faster!

Keep enjoying your running routine, but remember not to push yourself too hard and stay attentive to your body’s signals. Always listen to your body, it’s the best guide. If you feel great, go for it! But if your body asks for a breather, heed its call! Transition gradually, and if you go running outdoors, plan your route carefully to avoid any hazards. And keep an eye out for the nearest restroom!

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